A unique holiday light display in Delaware is gaining a lot of attention around central Ohio, and now they’re using their local fame for a good cause.

More than 130 homes in the Glenross neighborhood are all decked out with lights synchronized to Christmas music on 94.1 FM. The display took more than 500 hours to set up and program and has become one of the area’s must-see holiday attractions. Now, the neighborhood is hoping its popularity can help one if its young residents.

A little girl named Lucy, who lives in the area, has an extremely rare mitochondrial disorder known as a NUBPL deficiency. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects children and there are no FDA-approved treatments. Lucy was diagnosed with NUBPL earlier this year, and now her family and her neighbors are working to raise awareness about the disorder and help fund research so that Lucy and other children living with NUBPL may one day have access to life-enhancing treatments and maybe even a cure.

The residents of Glenross realized that they could use their spectacular light display to do more than spread holiday cheer. While their light display is free to spectators, they’re asking that anyone who comes out to see the lights to consider donating to Lucy’s fundraiser for NUBPL research. Even the smallest contribution can make an impact.

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